The 2015-2016 Executive Board of the Galveston County Aggie Mothers’ Club (GCAM) established an honorary group called the Ring of Honor (RoH). 

This sub group consists of Moms’ whose only or last Aggie graduated from Texas A&M University. Members need to have been a previous member of an Aggie Mothers’ Club. If you wish to remain connected to our GCAM club, stay current with Aggie activities, desire continued friendships made through the years and/or make new ones, then let the fun continue by joining our club. Our goal is to support the club and Texas A&M University as well as future Former Students.  We will meet at least 2 times a year for a social gathering and share memories.  On occasion, we may be called upon to assist the club with specific events.  We may not all know one another, but we still have one thing in common...our Aggies! 

The fun does continue, as do the friendships, but more importantly, so does our support of the Galveston County Aggie Moms' Club, and their success.  It is important to know that your membership will go a long way in helping meet our clubs goals.  Monies made from dues and any fundraisers from this group will go directly to GCAM to help meet their goals. 
Ring of Honor is open to all Aggie Moms' who meet the requirements.  Come and join us as a Ring of Honor (RoH) Mom!  Membership dues is $10 per school year.  Requirement information, membership forms, and other valuable information is available on our website.  You may print out the membership form and mail it in with your dues. 
Should you have any questions, please contact us at
The membership form is located to the left of this page.  Just print it out and mail it in with your membership fee at the following address:
Galveston County Aggie Moms' Club
c/o Texas A&M University at Galveston
P. O. Box 1675
Galveston, TX  77553