1) You may mail in your Membership Form with your check.   Form located under "Store" tab on left hand column.
2)  You may pay for your Membership online under the "Store" tab but please provide us with the information requested upon check-out (if you pay online and provide us with requested information, you do not need to mail in your form). 
If you live out-of-state or in an area that does not currently have an Aggie Mom's Club, and your student attends the TAMUG campus, we are the club for you!!!  You will receive monthly Newsletters and emails regarding current activities and upcoming events on campus.  Please read "The Benefits of Being a GCAM Club Member" below.

If you live in an area that does have an Aggie Mom's Club, consider joining both clubs!  The Galveston County Aggie Mom's Club is active on the TAMUG campus helping student organizations and clubs when invited to assist.  It is always an honor to work alongside the students to help them accomplish their goals. 
If you live in Galveston County and your student attends either TAMU or TAMUG, we are the club for you!  Our club consists of members whose students attend both campuses.  
If you are interested in joining our Ring of Honor (RoH) sub group, please click on the Ring of Honor tab for more information.  Ring of Honor is for those Mom's whose only or last Aggie have already graduated from Texas A&M.  
Our fundraisers benefits both the Galveston and College Station campuses, by way of scholarships and with donations toward student organizations/clubs.  
Your membership is crucial to the success of our club as we continue to grow each year!  We are proud of the work we do for the students at Texas A&M University.