As a member of GCAM, you will receive the following:

1. Exclusive access to our Facebook page.  Our Facebook is a great tool to find up to date answers, information, and announcements important to our Aggies and you.  Here is where you will interact with other Moms' that might be experiencing or have experienced the same situation and can provide helpful information and answers to your specific questions.  Many of our club members have been members for years and bring experience and knowledge helpful to incoming new club members.

2.  The GCAM Newsletter is filled with helpful information, pictures of recent TAMUG campus events, information of upcoming events, and so much more!  The student brag section is a true favorite.  Copies are emailed to members at the 1st of each month and posted to GCAM's website under the "Members Only" tab.

3.  Exclusive access to our members only section on our website.  The Members Only tab includes copies of monthly Newsletters, Monthly Meeting Minutes, Financials, and a list of local businesses around Galveston.

4.  A unique experience to work alongside the students in different organizations and events throughout the year.  Being on campus is a truly unique experience.  Aggie Moms' are always loved and welcomed by students and staff.

5.  An opportunity to be there for those Aggies that can't make it home during breaks and holidays, or simply need a Mom that can assist them.

6.  Lastly, an opportunity to have lots of fun!